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An oil skimmer is a device that is designed to remove oil floating on a liquid surface. Depending on the specific design they are used for a variety of applications such as oil spill response, as a part of oily water treatment systems, removing oil from machine tool coolant and aqueous parts washers, and collecting fats oils and greases in wastewater treatment in food manufacturing industries.


Type of Oil Skimmer :

  1. Belt Skimmers
  2. Tube Skimmers
  3. Disc Skimmers
  4. Floating Skimmers
  5. Chain Oil Skimmers


Applications  :

The use of skimmers in industrial applications is often required to remove oils, grease and fats prior to further treatment for environmental discharge compliance. By removing the top layer of oils, water stagnation, smell and unsightly surface scum can be reduced. Placed before an oily water treatment system an oil skimmer may give greater overall oil separation efficiency for improved discharge wastewater quality. All oil skimmers will pick up a percentage of water with the oil which will need to be decanted to obtain concentrated oil.