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MICROBAC – AR (Aerobic Bio-culture)


Enriched Microbial Products contains consortium of effective strains of bacterial  populations for the reductions of pollutants, toxicity, contaminants, nutrients & odour in biological aeration treatment systems.

Working Principle:

Bacterial strains secrets enzymes which are very efficient in the breakdown of complex organic substances (pollutants) into smaller substances which will be easily assimilated by the bacteria present in this, which encourages to form potential biomass and reduction of pollutants toxicity and odour.

Application/ Purpose :                 

This can be applied in aeration tank, MBR, MBBR, SBR systems for the development of potential biomass (I.e. MLSS) and for the reduction of COD, BOD, pollutant, toxicity, contaminants & Odour.

This product is purely for Industrial effluent (like Leather Tannery, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Sugar Mills, Paper Mill, coffee industries, food and beverages industries, Chemical & Drug).    

Benefits & Features:

  • Helps in faster commissioning of the aeration tank.
  • Generate potential biomass and its sustainability during fluctuation or shock load.
  • It helps in the reduction of COD/BOD and ODUR
  • It is very safe, Eco-friendly and beneficial to human and aquatic lives
  • It will enhance Bio-Augmentation
  • It will reduce Foul odour
  • Cost Reduction in the treatment processes
  • ~ 95 % BOD reduction and 80% of COD reduction
  •  Energy savings
  • Improvement in the effectiveness of tertiary treatment (i.e. RO process) resulting in increased life of membrane


Depends on the volume of water and Ammonical nitrogen load presence in the water.