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An Effective Biotechnological tool (consortium of enzymes) which will digest all the efficient Nutrients present in the patients Fecal present in the septic tank or sewers of hospitals & residential complex and in open sewer by having this MICROBAC the multiplication of microbes will   get  stopped which can helpful to safegaurd our environment from deadly diseases.


Description : 

Bacterial bio-culture for digestion of faecal matter (HUMAN WASTE) digestion and suppress the odour in septic tank and bio-toilets

We offer consortium of microbes (Bacterial Bio-culture) for the formation of potential Biomass to which degrade the faecal matter, pollutant and odour in the septic tank.


  • Bacteria & its enzymes effectively digest organic solids in an ecological way.
  • It prevents human waste to over flow or back flow,
  • It prevents the waste and untreated water from contaminating groundwater.
  • Requires no further treatment / waste management
  • The outlet water will be odourless, non obnoxious, colourless, can be used for irrigation purposes
  • Reduce the clogging and overflow on regular usage clogging & overflow on regular usage
  • Safe for Pipes and Septic tank
  • Once in 4 month usage is advisable for a sustainable degradation and fecal free septic tank
  • Helpful for eco-friendly environment.

Directions of use: Dissolve 250 gms of MICROBAC EMp SEP in 5 litre of water and mix well and does it into the toilet basin and flush it down to reach the septic tank or drain.. In case of multiple toilet bowls in your premises it is advised to split the bucket of product solution across all toilet bowls. 

Please don’t use any disinfectant like harpic or bleaching powder for the next 72 hours for the potential formation of biomass to digest the fecal sludge