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Bio-culture for Seewage Treatment

DESCRIPTION : Enriched Microbial products contains Consortium of microbes (Bacteria) for the growth of potential probiotics for the reduction of organic pollutant in the domestic water (Kitchen, Bathroom and toilet). The microbial consortiums are very potential and highly effective and efficient to survive in High TDS level and assimilate the broken as well as released nutrient present in the effluent.

Application : This can be applied in aeration tank, MBR, MBBR, SBR Nallah, drainage systems for the development of potential biomass (I.e. MLSS) and in the reduction of pollutant, toxicity, contaminants and odour.

Benefits/Advantages of our products :

  • Promotes Formation of Potential and sustainable biomass

  • Reduces contaminants, toxicity, pollutant as well as bad odour.

  • Improve Digester system recovery

  • Increase the efficiency of biogas production

  • Initiate biodegradation faster

  • Effective in the reduction of COD/BOD in ETP/STP/WTP

  • Helps in fastest commissioning of biological treatment processes in ETP/STP etc.,

  • Boost MLSS Production very fastly

  • Improve Tertiary treatment like Ultra-filtration, RO processes

  • Reduces large quantity of organic compounds

  • Improves aquatic environment Clarifies ponds & lakes water Safe and natural


  • Economical Feasible