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Microbac EMp

(4.5 out of 5)


Enriched Microbial Products  

Series of products with special strains of microbes, probiotics, enzymes derivatives and nutrients to promote the formation of potential biomass which in turn enhance and accelerate the reduction of pollutants, toxicity, contaminants and odour during waste management.
The products are developed after a long research and development by strong professional in microbiology, biotechnology, Chemistry, water treatment chemists, etc.,

The product contains bacterial consortium and its enzyme derivates.

The bacterial count will be around 4 millions

Working Principle: 

Bacterial strains secrets enzymes which are very efficient in the breakdown of complex organic substances (pollutants) into smaller substances which will be easily assimilated by the bacteria present in this, which encourages forming potential biomass and reduction of pollutants toxicity and odour.


  • Aerobic Bio-culture
  • Anaerobic Bacteria

  • STP/Drain Bio-culture

  • Oil & Grease Reducers

  • Ammonical Nitrogen Reducers

  • Odour Reducer

  • Heavy Metal Resistance

  • High COD Reducer Based on the required it can be used in

  • Aerobic treatment systems like –aeration tank, MBR, MBBR, SBR systems

  • Aerobic treatment systems like –aeration tank, MBR, MBBR, SBR systems

  • STP/ Seewage Drains/ Ponds, lake.

It will be effective and efficient for Industrial effluent (like Leather Tannery, Textile, Pharmaceutical, Sugar Mills, Paper Mill, coffee industries, and food and beverages industries, Chemical & Drug), as well as Domestic waste water at STP & Drains.

It can be used during the commissioning of Biological Treatment systems to develop the potential biomass, with the help of minimum amount of cultures; the potential biomass can be achieved.

Benefits & Features:

  • Helps in faster commissioning of the aeration tank.
  • Generate potential biomass and its sustainability during fluctuation or shock load.
  • It helps in the reduction of COD/BOD and ODUR
  • It is very safe, Eco-friendly and beneficial to human and aquatic lives
  • It will enhances Bio-Augmentation
  • It will reduces Foul odour
  • Cost Reduction in the treatment processes
  • ~ 95 % BOD reduction and 80% of COD reduction
  •  Energy savings
  •  Improvement in the effectiveness of tertiary treatment (i.e. RO process) resulting in increased life of membrane


Depends on the volume of waste water flow per day, Volume of aeration tank, and pollutant load.