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An Agitator is used for mixing different process media – liquids, gases and solids in chemical addition or Pharmaceutical Ingredients. This could be axial pumping, gas induction, flocculating, high viscosity products, high & low shear mixing etc. The entire range of  Agitators delivered by us is highly acknowledge for their durability, reliability, accurate finish, precision engineered and optimum performance.

The design of Flash mixer water treatment plants ensures efficient, minimum energy consumption and  long life. These are available in various designs and models and can be customized as per the details provided by the client. Specifically designed and fabricated for the process requirement of wastewater treatment.


  • Equalisation tank agitator
  • Dosing tank agitator
  • Flocculator
  • Clarifier
  • Slurry agitator/ sludge holding tank agitator
  • Anoxic tank agitator
  • Static mixer/ Inline mixer
  • Inline static mixers for
  • Gas impregnation
  • Coagulation
  • Acid alkali neutralisation        

Agitation applications among the following industries.

1. Pharma

2. Food processing

3. Chemicals manufacturing and purification including intermediates

4. Dairy

5. Wine

6. Mineral handling and processing

7. Edible oil extraction

8. Mineral oil

9. Paper and pulp

10. Water and wastewater treatment.